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About us

ZEFYS, a creative acronym for ‚Newspaper Information System’, has been expanded to serve as the newspaper portal for the Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin = SBB). The SBB has the largest and most extensive newspaper collection in Germany. In 1993 the State Library of Berlin established its newspaper department as the first such department in Germany.

The newspaper department is a partner in many projects to digitize and preserve newspaper holdings. Here are some examples:

  • The project entitled „Digitizing the Prussian Press” has preserved and made accessible the most extensive and influential Prussian political journalism of the the last third of the 19th century, with expert commentary and search functions. The project includes the Prussian PROVINZIAL-CORRESPONDENZ (PC) (1863-1884), its quasi-successor, the NEUESTE MITTHEILUNGEN (NM) (1882-1894), and the TELTOWER KREISBLATT (TK) (1856-1896), which supplements both and is a good example of press at a district or regional (“Kreis”) level.
  • In cooperation with the de Gruyter Verlag, the VOSSISCHE ZEITUNG (1918-1934) has been digitized and made available as a searchable database that may be used without charge by any patron of the SBB.
  • For many years the SBB has offered its patrons the chance to purchase indexed digitizations of newspaper microfilms on CDs or DVDs. These digitizations are now included in ZEFYs and may be consulted without charge.