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Amtspresse Preußens

The project "Digitization of the Amtspresse Preußens" aims to digitize and present the most influential political press of the last third of the 19th century together with a commentary and a search function.

The newspapers are:

The digitization opens to the research a central source of the political and social communication and helps at the same time to repair deficits and desiderates in the historical-political, communication-historical, but also in the political and sociological research.

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The meaning of the conservative Provinzial-Correspondenz is known in outlines. It was the biggest weekly paper of her time (about 150,000 editions) and was cited so regularly by the party political competition that she would lead every citation index of the papers of the 1860er-1880er years; she was considered as a voice of her master, the Prussian Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Reich Otto von Bismarck; she was a correspondence similar to agency, official announcement organ, publication organ and documentation organ and weekly addition of the Kreisblätter. The Provincial Correspondenz was founded in the time of the Prussian army conflict and should pursue - modernly spoken - positive public relations for the Prussian government. When she had worn herself out, ishe was discontinued in 1884.

Neueste Mittheilungen

Already two years before the Neueste Mittheilungen unobtrusively had been founded  , also them in a domestically crisis situation - after the landslide-like election defeat of the conservatives in the Reichstag choice in 1881. Neueste Mittheilungen was financed by the Bismarck secret funds, to the so-called "Reptilienfonds"; she stood in the centre of the conspiratorial "neuen Presseorganisation". The aim was same like with the Provincial Correspondenz: a of the government favorable mood should be generated in the country.

Teltower Kreisblatt

The Teltower Kreisblatt is together with the „Berliner Beobachter“, the „Berliner Montagszeitung“, the „Allgemeine Anzeiger für Spandau und Umgebung“ and the „Cöpenicker Dampfboot“ one of the oldest of the weekly local papers in the Berlin region.

It was published from 1852 as „Neues Charlottenburger Wochenblatt für den Teltower Kreis“ and contained besides offical pulications from the Teltow administration mainly local and various news from the region between Steglitz and Teupitz. Steglitz and Zehlendorf were not yet parts of Berlin, which makes the Teltower Kreisblatt an important source for the history of these places. 

Otto von Bismarck

Provincial Correspondenz and Neueste Mittheilungen were central correspondences which were published in Berlin in connection with the Prussian state ministry and Ministry of the Interior. Both played a prominent journalistic role. About Provincial Correspondenz and Neueste Mittheilungen an immediate access to the whole semi-public press can be won. In particular the Provincial Correspondenz was perceived outside Prussia in the empire and in the European foreign countries. The steered press inspired by the correspondences reached temporarily one fifth to one quarter of the whole edition of the daily press at that time.

However, the kind of the propaganda or public relations which were pursued with both correspondences clearly differed: In the Provincial Correspondenz the side of Bismarck was taken openly and every interested contemporary the cooperation with the Prussian government was known; the Provincial Correspondenz pursued a draught of the white propaganda. Nevertheless, with Neueste Mittheilungen financing and organisation was veiled; with her grey propaganda was pursued unspoken. Spreading instrument was the conservative, rural Kreisblatt-Presse in both cases. These papers had in the 1870s still predominantly an edition from, less than, 2,000 and later seldom more than 5,000. Nevertheless, accumulated they might have reached one fifth to one quarter of the whole edition of the Prussian daily press at that time.

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Albrecht Hoppe M.A. unter Mitwirkung von
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