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This article is about the newspaper. 24 Timer is the Danish title of the American TV series 24. 24timerType Free daily newspaperFormat CompactOwner MetroXpressPublisher MetroXpressEditor Claus JohansenFounded August 17, 2006Political alignment NoneLanguage DanishHeadquarters Copenhagen, DenmarkOfficial website www.24. dk 24timer (literally 24hours) is a Danish free daily newspaper published by MetroXpress which began distribution on August 17, 2006. The newspaper is officially distributed in selected areas in some of the largest cities of Denmark. http://www.24timer. dk/VisArtikel. asp?PageID=13 However, distribution of the newspaper has been reported as lacking in a number of places. http://www. tv2regionerne. dk/reg2005/player. aspx?id=304661&r=7http://www. tv2regionerne. dk/reg2005/player. aspx?id=308076&r=5 In August 2007 the papers Aalborg-section will be co-produced with NORDJYSKE Media in Aalborg, who will both produce the local journalism and print the paper in Aalborg. This change is part of a plan which will make 24timer the producer of nationwide journalism, but local mediagroups will produce the local content. In second half of 2008 the paper was the second largest in Denmark. Only 24,984 in circulation behind the biggest, MetroXpress. The paper is, amongst other places, distributed at trainstations in Jutland, and can often be found left in DSB's trains where they have been left by other passengers.

Website: http://www.24.dk/

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