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Daily Ibrat

Daily Ibrat
Ibrat is a Sindhi daily newspaper in Pakistan. The Daily Ibrat is duly and entirely certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan, to be the largest circulated amongst all the Sindhi & regional dailies being published since the last 44 years, The Daily Ibrat has one of the finest and most efficient news and distribution networks in the country. The Daily Ibrat caters to all kinds of readers and sells at 8 pages for five rupees on Monday to Saturday and twelve pages for six rupees on Sunday. The Daily Ibrat’s area of coverage is the entire province of Sindh and interior parts of Balochistan. In addition The Daily Ibrat also caters to the main cities of the province of Punjab and the North-West Frontier Province. The Daily Ibrat gives detailed coverage to National and International news with an exclusive touch seen in no other Sindhi language daily. The Daily Ibrat also has a large number of overseas subscribers, especially in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and other Gulf countries. The Daily Ibrat also has subscribers in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and China. In addition, The Daily Ibrat has subscribers in Europe and the U.S.A. The Daily Ibrat is one of the founder members of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society and the Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors. It is currently holding the position of Executive Member on their managing councils respectively. To cater to the lower-income readers, The Ibrat group of Publications also publishes a second daily newspaper in the Sindhi language known as The Daily Sindhu. Most recently, The Ibrat Group of Publications has developed a working partnership with the Daily Regional Times of Sindh in order to maintain a reasonable understanding of the market value, so to say, and to cater to the needs of the up and coming English language readers in Pakistan. Although over the years, Sindhi newspapers have not received the recognition they deserve because Sindhi is a regional language, The Daily Ibrat's news and coverage has said to have been at an equal standard as the English and Urdu dailies of Pakistan. The Daily Ibrat and the Daily Sindhu offer headline news, daily news, sports news, entertainment, business news, showbiz, editorials and cartoons; The Daily Ibrat uses, more or less, the same format as any English or foreign language daily around the world with an exclusively tailored touch for its Sindhi language readers. The Daily Ibrat also caters largely to readers affiliated with the business and political community of Pakistan. In the near future, The Ibrat Group also has plans to launch themselves into Electronic Media by starting a Television channel.

Website: http://www.dailyibrat.com

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