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For another company, see Gartner Dataquest En:DataquestType Indian IT MagazineOwner Cyber Media India LimitedPublisher Pradeep GuptaEditor Shyamanuja DasFounded 1982Headquarters New Delhi, IndiaOfficial website http://www. dqindia. com Dataquest is India's oldest IT publication. A fortnightly, Dataquest is published by Cyber Media India Ltd, South Asia's largest specialty media group. The magazine targets senior IT managers in user organizations as well as the IT industry professionals in India. Dataquest has grown with the Indian IT industry from its infancy and has championed many causes. It was one of the first publications to champion energy/green issues and the application of IT in governance. The magazine runs two special sections on these two areas: Green IT and eGovernance.

Website: http://www.dqindia.com

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