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Der Bay

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Der Bay
The first issue of Der Bay was published in January 1991 as a local newsletter for the Yiddish community in the USA. As an Anglo-Yiddish publication, the articles are mainly in English with some Yiddish and others in transliteration. It has grown steadily so that now Yiddish club leaders, Yiddish teachers, translators, performers and klezmer group leaders in every state and in 35 other countries receive it. It is a 16-page monthly that is published 10 times a year with a suggested contribution of $18 a year. It is augmented by its website at www. derbay. org and is the organ of the International Association of Yiddish Clubs (IAYC). Regular monthly columns include; Der internatsyonaler kalendar, Oystsugen fun briv in der redaktsye, Der altveltlekher farband fun yidish-klubn nayes, monthly updates on the upcoming IAYC conference, original Chełm stories, stories about mama and poetry, articles and stories submitted by readers.

Website: http://www.derbay.org/

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