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Donegal Times

Donegal Times
The Donegal Times is a local newspaper in County Donegal, Ireland. The paper is based in Donegal Town. The paper acts like a newsletter, covering mainly community and social issues affecting the town and its immediate environs. It was first printed in March 1989 as a special supplement in the Donegal Democrat, but is now a stand-alone publication, ordinarily published on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Only one edition is published in December. The Donegal Times is one of three papers that has a base in Donegal Town, the other two being the Donegal Democrat and the Donegal Post. The paper has stopped updating its website with stories and now acts only as an archive of older articles. It uses a sketch of Donegal Castle as its logo. The paper regularly takes a stance on issues which have polarized the community. High-profile examples are rows which erupted over reports on the Donegal Town Mart and the Donegal Bay Waterbus. Popular additions to the paper are comment pieces the 'Editor's Diary' which started in 2010 and 'JR's Diary' which has resumed after many years of absence.

Website: http://www.donegaltimes.com/

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