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Duluth News Tribune

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Duluth News Tribune
The Duluth News Tribune (or known locally as The Tribune or "DNT") is a newspaper in Duluth, Minnesota. It is published by Forum Communications, which bought it in 2006 after The McClatchy Company acquired the News Tribune's previous owner, Knight Ridder. The present incarnation of the newspaper is the outcome of the merger and takeover of several former publications. The first News-Tribune was created as a result of the merger of The Duluth Tribune (est.1870) and The Duluth News. In 1929, this paper was purchased by The Duluth Evening Herald (est. 1883), and both were in turn acquired by Ridder Publications in 1936. The pair were merged in 1982 to form the News-Tribune & Herald, shortened simply to News-Tribune in 1988. By 2000, the hyphen had been omitted, leaving News Tribune as the title.

Website: http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/

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