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Dziennik Zachodni

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Dziennik Zachodni
Dziennik Zachodni (Western Daily, DZ) is a regional Polish newspaper distributed in Upper Silesia. Its headquarters is located in the city of Katowice. Established in February 1945 by Stanisław Ziemba, it was initially a state-held daily. Taken over by Polskapresse company, itself a part of the Verlagsgruppe Passau, it is currently the best selling regional newspaper in Poland with an average of 109,000 copies sold daily. Following the 2004 merger with Trybuna Śląska daily, it is also one of the largest. The main issue published daily in approximately 326,000 copies, with a set of add-ins devoted to sports and labour (Mondays), education (Tuesdays), motorization (Wednesdays), household (Thursdays), health and travels (Saturdays). Notable contributors: Krystyna Bochenek - Polish senator and journalist Jan Miodek - professor, language expert of Poland-wide fame Stanisław Janicki - film director, critic Tadeusz Pieronek - bishop, theologist Kazimierz Kutz - film director Tomasz Lis - journalist and TV personality Gwidon Miklaszewski

Website: http://www.dz.com.pl/

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