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Faro de Vigo

Faro de Vigo
Faro de Vigo is a Galician newspaper from Vigo. It is the oldest Spanish newspaper still in circulation. Its headquarters are located in Chapela, Redondela. It was printed for the first time on November 3, 1853 in a small machine by its founder, Angel de Lema y Marina, at the Olive Street in Vigo, with the idea of "helping to the interests of Galicia". Since 1986 it belongs to Prensa Ibérica publishing home, communication group that nowadays consists of 14 journalistic mastheads, with common criteria of independence, rigor and pluralism, plus maximum commitment to the different regions where they are edited. In 2002, his circulation reached the 42.245 copys of daily average, as is certified by the Oficine of Spreading Justification (OJD). The numbers of the General Study of Media (EGM, May 2004), give him 304.000 readers a day, putting him among the 13 most important spanish newspapers, and turns it the undisputed leader of the south of Galicia. The staff of Faro de Vigo is integrated by around 150 workers, divided between the areas of Editorial, Administration and Delivery. Faro de Vigo has 6 editions each day. The one which more difusion is the one that covers the area of Vigo and there also are the corresponding to Pontevedra, Arousa, Ourense, Morrazo and Deza-Tabeirós-Montes. The digital edition started in january 1999.

Website: http://www.farodevigo.es/

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