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Flensborg Avis

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Flensborg Avis
Flensborg Avis is a Danish language daily newspaper, published in Flensburg, Germany. Flensborg Avis was founded October 1, 1869, in Flensburg by members of the Danish minority in the Province of Schleswig-Holstein. It now represents the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig. The publisher's headquarters are in Flensburg and there are local editorial offices in the towns of Schleswig (Slesvig), Husum and Niebüll (Nibøl). The newspaper has a circulation of some 6,000 copies. Since 1974, the paper has a German language section as well. In addition, Flensborg Avis is co-owner of Radio Schleswig-Holstein, a private radio station in Northern Germany, which broadcasts daily news in Danish.

Website: http://www.flensborg-avis.de/

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