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I Kathimerini is a daily morning newspaper published in Athens. It is published in the Greek language, as well as in an abridged English-language edition. The English edition is sold separately in the United States and as a supplement to the International Herald Tribune in Greece and Cyprus. On 2 November 2008 a Kathimerini's Cypriot weekend edition began to circulate. Kathimerini is, also, affiliated with the weekly newspaper, published by "I Kathimerini" S.A. and the International Herald Tribune, Athens Plus. Considered a high-quality broadsheet, it is traditionally perceived as a liberal media flagship. It maintains a traditional layout, preferring to publish engravings rather than photographs for example, its original griffin logo, and incorporates illustrated glossy inserts in its Sunday edition. It was created by Georgios Vlahos and was then owned by his daughter, Eleni Vlahou, and her husband, retired submarine commander Constantine Loundras. Vlahou, a prominent Athens socialite in her youth, came to be considered the Grande Dame of Greek journalism. She sold the title shortly before her death. Kathimerini has been owned by Aristidis Alafouzos since 1988.

Website: http://www.kathimerini.gr/

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