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Klassekampen is a Norwegian daily newspaper, which styles itself as "the daily left-wing newspaper". Klassekampen was founded in 1969 with a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist platform. Until recently, it was owned by The Workers' Communist Party. Today it is owned by Rødt, Fagforbundet, OktoPax and Industri Energi among others. Bjørgulv Braanen has been the editor of Klassekampen since 2002, succeeding Jon Michelet. Among its staff are Mari Skurdal, Yohan Shanmugaratnam, Alf Skjeseth and Karin Haugen. Weekly columnists include Paul Bjerke, Arild Rønsen and Dag Seierstad, and cartoonists Hallvard Skauge contributes on Saturdays. On Saturdays the newspaper features a book magazine. Editors of this section have been Bendik Wold (2006–2008) and Karin Haugen (2008–present).

Website: http://www.klassekampen.no/

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