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Kronen Zeitung

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Kronen Zeitung
The Kronen Zeitung, commonly known as the Krone, is Austria's largest newspaper. According to a Österreichische Media-Analyse study, the average daily readership is 2,970,000 (14 years or older), which corresponds to 43,7% of all newspaper readers. The number of daily copies printed was 1,006,134 in the first half of 2004, according to the Österreichische Auflagenkontrolle (ÖAK). Its political positioning is social right wing and economic left wing. The Kronen Zeitung has often been accused of abusing its near monopoly to manipulate public opinion in Austria. Its many critics blame its populist style and emphasis on the topic of immigration for allegedly spreading fear and hatred among its readers.

Website: http://krone.at/

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