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Wanganui Chronicle

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Wanganui Chronicle
The Wanganui Chronicle is New Zealand's oldest newspaper. Based in Wanganui, it celebrated 150 years of publishing in September 2006. Local resident Henry Stokes first proposed the paper for Petre, as the town was then called, but initial publication was held back by lack of equipment. As no printing press was available, Stokes approached the technical master at Wanganui Collegiate School, Rev Charles Nicholls, and together they constructed a maire wood and iron makeshift printing press, on which, with the help of the staff and pupils of the school, the first edition of the Chronicle was printed on 18 September 1856. The motto of the paper, printed at the top of the editorial column, was "Verite Sans Peur," French for "Truth without Fear. " Initially the paper was sold fortnightly, at a price of six pence. In 1866 the Chronicle went tri-weekly, and in 1871 began publishing daily and has done so since. The paper was owned and edited by Gilbert Carson.

Website: http://www.wanganuichronicle.co.nz/

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