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Washington Square News

Washington Square News
Washington Square News is the daily student newspaper of New York University and serves the NYU, Greenwich Village, and East Village communities. The paper, better known as WSN, has a circulation of 10,000 and an estimated 65,000 readers online. It is published Monday through Thursday during the fall and spring semesters and online on Friday, with additional issues published in the summer. WSN is run solely by NYU students, with the paper's senior staff composed of undergraduates. Its offices are located at 838 Broadway. The paper is editorially independent from the university and is solely responsible in selling advertisements to fund its production. The term for the position of editor-in-chief is one calendar year, beginning in the spring semester and ending in the fall semester. The term for all other editorial positions is one semester. The editor-in-chief for the 2011 calendar year is Jaywon Choe.

Website: http://nyunews.com

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