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Aarberg is a municipality in the Seeland administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Aarberg lies 20 kilometers from Bern above the Aar River. With an area of 7.93 km (3.06 sq mi), Aarberg borders Bargen, Kappelen, Lyss, Radelfingen and Seedorf. Aarberg is not to be confused with Aarburg in Aargau or with Aarbergen in Germany. The city was once located on an island with the Aar River and Little Aar River flowing around it. The old city grew up around the edge of the island with a large open plaza in the middle. In addition to the old city, Aarberg also includes the new outer quarter, and the villages of Spins, Mühletal and Grafenmoos.

Website: http://www.aarberg.ch/

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