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Akyurt, Ankara

Akyurt, Ankara
Akyurt, formerly Ravlı, is an urban district of Ankara Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, part of the city of Ankara. According to 2010 census, population of the district is 26,006 of which 25,353 live in the urban center of Akyurt. The district covers an area of 212 km (82 sq mi) km², and the average elevation is 960 m (3,150 ft). Akyurt is an industrial area about 30 km from the city centre, near Ankara Esenboğa International Airport, on the road from Ankara to Çankırı. Factories in the district include Mikes, and a plant of the electronics company Aselsan. There are over 18,000 residents, including many recent migrants from Çankırı, Çorum and Kastamonu, but the daytime working population of Akyurt is over 40,000.

Website: http://www.akyurt.gov.tr/

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