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Arriach is a municipality in the district of Villach-Land in the Austrian state of Carinthia. It consists of the four Katastralgemeinden Arriach, Innerteuchen, Laastadt and Sauerwald. Situated within the Nock Mountains range of the Central Eastern Alps, about 20 km in the north of the city of Villach, Arriach houses the geographical centre of the state of Carinthia. The economy of the commune mainly depends on tourism. Arriach was first mentioned in a 1207 deed as Ovriach. According to a 2001 census 68.8% of the population were Protestants, which is the highest percentage of all Carinthian municipalities. Therefore the Four Evangelists parish church, erected in 1903, is the largest Protestant church building in mainly Catholic Carinthia. Furthermore Arriach's coat of arms depicts an Eucharist chalice and a Luther rose. A smaller Catholic church St Philipp and Jakob from about 1200 stands nearby. Arriach also features several historic rustic log homes preserved in quite good condition.

Website: http://www.arriach.at

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