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Bucak, Burdur

Bucak, Burdur
Bucak (means "sheltered nook" in Turkish) is the biggest town of Burdur, Turkey. The town’s population is 35,621 at the 2007 census. Its former name was “Oğuzhan” and this name was changed as “Bucak” on 30 May 1926. It is claimed that the Oğuzhan name came from the Oghuz Turks who came to this town initially. Bucak has good connections to other parts of Turkey. Antalya lies 75 km to the South, Isparta 70 km to North-east and Burdur 40 km to the North-west. Its neighbour towns Çeltikçi and Ağlasun are in the north and Kemer is in the west. Some historical buildings and houses remain, but these are rare compared to the number of modern constructions. There are several historical places remaining such as Cremna antiques, Milyos, İncirhan and Susuz Kervansaray(last two are Seljukian age Inns for caravans). The people of Bucak are known as hard-working. Since there are many marble resources around Bucak, most of the public deal with marble. Marble is processed in the marble factories which are located around Bucak. The processed marble is exported to all around the world. Many entrepreneurs from Bucak contributed to the fame of town by building new high schools and institutions. Bucak Hikmet Tolunay Vocational Institution, Bucak Zeliha Tolunay Practical Technology and Business Faculty, Bucak Adem Tolunay Science High School, Mehmet Cadıl Anatolian Teacher Training High School are some of them. The education standard is high and there are top scorers in university entrance exams in Turkey.

Website: http://www.bucak.bel.tr

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