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Carmen de la Legua Reynoso

Carmen de la Legua Reynoso
Carmen de la Legua Reynoso is a district of the Constitutional Province of Callao in Peru, and one of the six districts that comprise the port city of Callao. In 1952 Carmen de la Legua Reynoso was founded by Lopez Pasos, Alejandro Ladron De Guevara, and Barios Medina. Antero Lizano, a pioneer of the city was elected the Organizational Secretary who established the zoning for Carmen de la Legua and distributed land to residents. It was officially established as a district on December 4, 1964. The current mayor of Carmen de la Legua Reynoso is Juan de Dios Gavilano Ramírez.

Website: http://www.municarmendelalegua.gob.pe

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