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Eisenkappel-Vellach is a market township (population 3,038) in and around the Vellach valley of southeast Austria on the border of Slovenia. It is in the Völkermarkt district in the State of Carinthia. It consists of its center Bad Eisenkappel and several small settlements located in small lateral valleys. These small settlements are: Blasnitzen, Ebriach, Koprein Petzen, Koprein Sonnseite, Leppen, Lobnig, Rechberg, Remschenig, Trögern, Unterort, Vellach, Weißenbach, and Zauchen. According to the 2001 census 38% of the population are Carinthian Slovenes. Since March 2009, it has been run by a Carinthian Slovene mayor, Franc Jožef Smrtnik, and it is currently the only municipality in Carinthia with a mayor of the Slovene minority party Enotna Lista.

Website: http://www.eisenkappel.at

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