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Ferlach is the southernmost town in Austria, about 17 km south of the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt. It is situated in the Rosental/Rož Valley of the Drava River, at the northern slope of the Karawanken mountain range. The commune consists of the Katastralgemeinden of Ferlach (Borovlje), Kappel an der Drau (Kapla ob Dravi), Kirschentheuer (Kožentavra), Unterloibl (Podljublj), Waidisch (Bajdiše), Unterferlach (Medborovnica), Glainach (Glinje), Seidolach (Ždovlje) and Windisch Bleiberg (Slovenji Plajberg). According to the 2001 census 8.3% of the population are Carinthian Slovenes. Ferlach was first mentioned as Vörelach in a 1246 deed, named after the Föhre tree, or bor in Slovene. An ironworks and forging site since the 15th century, Ferlach was known for its firearms manufacturers, the main armorer of the Habsburg Monarchy. Ferlach received town privileges in 1930 and today is a centre for the production of hunting rifles. The history of the town is depicted in its coat of arms: it features a pine tree with a cone, two crossed silver nails, and a rifle.

Website: http://www.ferlach.at

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