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Imbros, officially referred to as Gökçeada since July 29, 1970, is an island in the Aegean Sea and the largest island of Turkey, part of Çanakkale Province. It is located at the entrance of Saros Bay and is also the westernmost point of Turkey. Imbros has an area of 279 km² (108 square miles) and contains some wooded areas. According to the 2000 census, the island of Imbros had a total population of 8,875. The same census also reported 7,254 people in Cinarli, and 1,621 in the remaining villages. The main industries of Imbros are fishing and tourism. The population is predominantly Turkish but there are still about 250 Greeks on Imbros, most of them elderly. The island was primarily inhabited by ethnic Greeks from ancient times through to approximately the middle of the twentieth century, when many emigrated due to a campaign of state-sponsored discrimination. The island is noted for its vineyards and wine production.

Website: http://www.gokceada.gov.tr/

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