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For the medieval dynasty, see Kara Koyunlu; for places in Azerbaijan, see Qaraqoyunlu. Karakoyunlu File:Karakoyunlu. jpg File:Turkey location map. svgFile:Red pog. svgKarakoyunlu Coordinates: 39°54′N 44°10′E / 39.9°N 44.167°E / 39.9; 44.167Coordinates: 39°54′N 44°10′E / 39.9°N 44.167°E / 39.9; 44.167 Country File:Flag of Turkey. svg Turkey Region East Anatolia Province Iğdır Incorporated 1992 Government - Mayor Ziyat Ali Deliktaş - Governor Esengül Korkmaz-Çiçekli Area - City 194 km (74.9 sq mi) Elevation 858 m (2,815 ft) Population (2007) - City 14,597 - Urban 2,649 Time zone EET - Summer EEST Postal code 76700 Area code(s) 0476 Licence plate 76 XX XXX Website www. karakoyunlu. bel. tr Karakoyunlu is a town and district of Iğdır Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Part of the district forms the international border between Turkey and Armenia.

Website: http://www.karakoyunlu.bel.tr

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