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Seitenstetten is a town in the district of Amstetten in Lower Austria in Austria. One Udalschalk or Udiskalk, first mentioned in 1109, founded a monastery there in 1112 and gave all of his properties in Seitenstetten, Grünbach, Heft and Stille (in today's Upper Austria). In 1114, Benedictine monks from Göttweig Abbey were installed there. In 1116, Bishop Ulrich I. von Passau, related to the Udalschalk family, consecrated the abbey's church and donated the large Aschbach parish. In 1142, parish Wolfsbach was added. Those two major parishes were, by the time, split up into the fourteen parishes of which the abbey is in charge up to now. Around 1180, Wichmann von Seeburg, Archbishop of Magdeburg, donated large woods near the Ybbs river. Seitenstetten Abbey Seitenstetten ferne. jpg Seitenstetten kirche aussen. jpg Seitenstetten innen. jpg Seitenstetten hof brunnen. jpg Seitenstetten garten. jpg

Website: http://www.seitenstetten-gv.at

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