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Seixal Municipality

Seixal Municipality
For the parish in Madeira of the sam name, see Seixal (Porto Moniz). Seixal — Municipality — File:Pt-sxl3. png File:SXL1. png File:LocalSeixal. svg Coordinates: 38°39′N 9°06′W / 38.65°N 9.1°W / 38.65; -9.1Coordinates: 38°39′N 9°06′W / 38.65°N 9.1°W / 38.65; -9.1 Country File:Flag of Portugal. svg Portugal Region Lisboa Subregion Península de Setúbal District/A.R. Setúbal Government - Mayor Alfredo Monteiro Area - Total 95.5 km (36.9 sq mi) Population - Total 164,715 - Density 1,725/km (4,467.7/sq mi) Parishes (no. ) 6 Municipal holiday Saint PeterJune 29 Website http://www. cm-seixal. pt Seixal is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 96.0 km² and a total population of 161,327 inhabitants. The municipality is composed of 6 parishes, and is located in Setúbal District. The present Mayor is Alfredo José Monteiro da Costa, elected by the Unitarian Democratic Coalition and the President of the Municipal Assembly is Eufrázio Filipe Garcez José, also elected by the Unitarian Democratic Coalition.

Website: http://www.cm-seixal.pt

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