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St. Niklaus

St. Niklaus
St. Niklaus is a municipality in the district of Visp in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Sankt Niklaus sits in the Mattertal, the steep valley that runs from Stalden to Zermatt, and is surrounded by some of the highest summits in the Alps, such as Dom and Weisshorn. There are several footpath nets for Alpine hikers leading up on the mountains and on the mountain huts. Closest hut is the Topali hut at the west side of the village. Also the Bordier hut at the east side can be accessed easily from St Niklaus. The highest mountain close to St Niklaus is Brunegghorn, reaching almost 4000 m. St. Niklaus is an important central village in the valley. It has a strong history of bergfuehrers, or mountain guides. The guides would board the train to Zermatt and find clients on the journey, mostly Englishmen. There is a bergfuehrer museum in St. Niklaus telling this history. The main industries in St. Niklaus are two production plants for the companies Scintilla AG and Bosch AG. St. Niklaus is closely connected to the village of Grächen, a popular family holiday ski resort in the mountains above. Sankt Niklaus is also a popular place to stay when visiting both Zermatt and Saas Fee, as it lies between both.

Website: http://gemeinde.st-niklaus.ch

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