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Ternitz is a town in the district of Neunkirchen in the Austrian state of Lower Austria. Situated at the confluence of the Sierning stream and the River Schwarza, at the western end of the Steinfeld plain, it is a fairly large town by population (2004 estimates place it at 15,158), especially by Austrian standards, yet it covers an area more than half the size of Washington, D.C. In it are several villages, called Katastralgemeinden, that are about the size of US towns: Dunkelstein, Flatz, Mahrersdorf, Raglitz, Rohrbach am Steinfelde, St. Johann am Steinfelde, Sieding, Holzweg, Pottschach, and Putzmannsdorf. Ternitz's first documented mention was in 1352 and has town status since 1948. It is traditionally known as an industrial town, being home of the Schoeller-Bleckmann company, which was split up into 19 separate companies in 1989. Today Ternitz is still a busy town with 138 companies and 6383 employees.

Website: http://www.ternitz.at/

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