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| Vestmannaeyjar — Municipality — File:Vestmannaeyjar-helgafell-volcano-from-eldfell. jpg File:Vestmannaeyjabaer map. png File:Iceland location map. svgFile:Red pog. svgVestmannaeyjar Coordinates: 63°25′00″N 20°17′00″W / 63.4166667°N 20.2833333°W / 63.4166667; -20.2833333 Country File:Flag of Iceland. svg Iceland Constituency File:Constituencies Iceland. png Suðvesturkjördæmi Region File:Regions of Iceland. png Suðurland County File:Sýslur á Íslandi. png Vestmannaeyjar Government - Mayor Elliði Vignisson (2006-) Area - Total 16.3 km (6.3 sq mi) Population (2010) - Total 4,135 - Density 313/km (810.7/sq mi) Time zone GMT Website Template:Official website |- | |- | |- |} Vestmannaeyjar is a town and archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. The largest island, Heimaey, has a population of 4,135. The other islands are uninhabited, though six have single hunting cabins. Vestmannaeyjar came to international attention in 1973 with the eruption of Eldfell volcano, which destroyed many buildings, and forced a months-long evacuation of the entire population to mainland Iceland.

Website: http://www.vestmannaeyjar.is

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