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Wattens is a market community in Austria which is the home of the Swarovski Kristallwelten, dedicated to the history surrounding the company, the man himself Daniel Swarovski and exhibitions of the crystals. It attracts visitors from the world over. Other museums are the typewriter museum and the Museum Wattens. The Museum Wattens is dedicated to the history of Swarovski, Wattenspapier and of Excavation in Volders, Wattens and Fritzens. Another important factory is Wattenspapier. It was founded in 1559. The company produces today tobacco paper with 97% exported to over 90 countries. It is the birthplace of the Jakob Gapp. Fountain by slonecker. jpg Swarovski Crystal headquarter in Wattens Austria. jpg WattensWikipedia. jpg

Website: http://www.wattens.com

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