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Yenibosna is a borough, located on the western part of the Istanbul district of Bahçelievler, bordering with the neighbor district Küçükçekmece. The earliest population record, whilst it was a village, was 350 and saw rapid migration after the founding of Republic of Turkey. The origin of the borough's name comes from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. The settlement was initially named Saraybosna, which is the Turkish equivalent of Sarajevo before it was renamed Yenibosna with the formation of the Republic of Turkey. The remains of the old settlement can be seen behind the Yenibosna Primary School's courtyard today. Yenibosna is one of the fastest developed districts of Istanbul. Yenıbosna with its own unique atmosphere live a different life from the other counties. The Sports club affiliated with the borough is Yenibosna Spor Kulübü.

Website: http://www.bahcelievler.gov.tr/

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