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1 The Korrespondenzen

A forgotten chapter of Prussian-German press politics opens the project DFG "Amtspresse Preußens" in the last third of the 19th century; as a central source to the politics of the Bismarck's time approx. 13,000 sides of both correspondences "Provinzial-Correspondenz" (PC, in 1863-1884) and "Neueste Mittheilungen" (NM, in 1882-1994) are made available to the Internet public; the sources offer access on every content subject, whether importantly or insignificant, to all abovementioned outside as inside, economy as socially, on the right like culture, structure like education like military-political headwords.

The publication of the well-chosen sources became possible with friendly approval of the Geheimen Staatsarchivs Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin Dahlem and the Otto von Bismarck Stiftung, Friedrichsruh.