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Arab news (Jeddah)
Jeddah - Saudi Research & Publ. Co.

Abstract: Website der 1975 gegründeten englischsprachigen Tageszeitung aus Saudi-Arabien. Kostenloses Archiv ab 1. April 2001. (text/html)

Al-Akhbar english
Al-Akhbar - Beirut

Abstract: On August 14 2006, Beirut-based Al-Akhbar was launched as a “calculated adventure” by prominent Lebanese journalist Joseph Samaha and a team of like-minded colleagues. The late Samaha (1949-2007) envisioned a publication that would uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity while remaining true to the principles of anti-imperialist struggle, progressive politics, and freedom of expression. Five years later, Al-Akhbar embarks on another calculated adventure amid a period of historic significance in the region - the year of the Arab uprisings. By providing much-needed in-depth reporting on the uprisings and other news in the region, Al-Akhbar English will reflect the diverse and dynamic realities that make up the communities undergoing these transformations. The English edition also aims to make debates and analyses circulating in the Arabic media sphere accessible to English speakers worldwide. Al-Akhbar depends on young and creative writers that challenge conventional forms of reporting and aspires to speak truth to power. Al-Akhbar English intends to preserve this tradition by translating selected articles from the Arabic edition for an international readership. The site also features original content of opinion, analysis, and field stories as well as photo blogs chronicling the latest developments across the Middle East. (text/html)

Saudi Gazette
Saudi Gazette - Jiddah

Abstract: The Saudi Gazette is one of the largest, and most read newspapers in Saudi Arabia. For more than 30 years, The Gazette has been committed to delivering readers the news and information they rely on in a format they enjoy. The Saudi Gazette is part of the Okaz family, a company rich in its diversity of people and communities. Okaz serves readers throughout operations within Saudi Arabia, as well as the Arab world. (text/html)

Asharq Alawsat (London, Archiv ab 2000)
Arab Press House - London

Abstract: Die Zeitung verwendet die Umschrift Asharq Alawsat und ist eine internationale arabischsprachige Tageszeitung. Der Name der Zeitung heißt wörtlich "Mittlerer Osten", was im Deutschen meist "Naher Osten" heißt. Asch-Schark al-Aussat erschien erstmals 1978 in London, wo sich noch heute der Hauptsitz der Redaktion befindet.Die Zeitung sieht sich selbst als maßgebende Publikation über panarabische und internationale Angelegenheiten und beansprucht für sich, die arabische Welt am umfassendsten darzustellen. Asch-Schark al-Aussat wird mittels Satellit in mehreren Städten gleichzeitig gedruckt: Teheran, Riad, Dschidda, Kuwait, Casablanca, Kairo, Beirut, Dubai, Bagdad, Frankfurt am Main, Marseille, Madrid, London und New York. Neben der gedruckten Ausgabe auf Arabisch gibt es im Internet auch ein Angebot auf Englisch. Arabische Ausgabe mit kostenfreiem Archiv ab 2000. (text/html)

The Daily Star - Lebanon
Bair¯ut - The daily star

Abstract: Founded in June 1952, to serve the growing number of expatriates lured by the oil industry, The Daily Star initially circulated in Lebanon but rapidly spread its wings to cover most of the Arab world. Its publisher, Kamel Mrowa, already owner and editor-in-chief of the successful Arabic daily Al-Hayat, not only wanted to relay news of their own countries to expatriates but also to introduce the region to non-Arabic readers. His vision made The Daily Star the leading English language newspaper in the Middle East throughout the 60s. (text/html)