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Kikuzo II visual for libraries (Asahi Shimbun)
Asahi Shimbun Newspaper Publishing Company - Tokio

Abstract: The “Kikuzo II visual for libraries” is the electronic version of Asahi Shimbun. The database covers the articles since the initial number in 1879 until today. The years 1879 until 1989 can be searched as PDF files. For the articles since 1985 a full-text search is provided. The database also includes an archive of historical photographs (approximately 10000 pictures) that were taken in various Asiatic countries between the so called Manchurian incident (1931/32) until the end of the World War II. Furthermore the biographical information of approximately 35.000 contemporary persons can be searched. The online version of the dictionary Chiezou is also included in this database. (application/pdf)