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Yomidas Rekishikan
Tokyo -

Abstract: YOMIDAS REKISHIKAN, the new database service of The Yomiuri Shimbun, is Japan’s first online database service that allows a user to search or browse through more than 10 million articles carried by the newspaper since its inaugural issue in 1874. Images of news pages from the inaugural issue in 1874 up to 1989 have been recorded.  All news articles can be found using headlines and key words. Old news articles can be found using words in common use today. About 4.8 million news articles of The Yomiuri Shimbun are available from 1986 onward. About 175,000 articles of The Daily Yomiuri are available from 1989 onward. The three databases mentioned above can be searched using “key words,” such as names of persons, places and events; “fields,” such as politics, economy and culture; and “date” of publication. Note that the search by key word is carried out through “YOMIDAS YOGO JISHO,” a glossary developed by The Yomiuri Shimbun, which enables a user to find a news article with ease. In the personality database there are about 26,000 contemporary persons in many fields who are linked to related news articles. Moreover, the new database is equipped with various functions, including “Imidas 2008 (c) Shueisha,” a glossary of the latest terminology of current affairs compiled by Shueisha Inc. (application/pdf)