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Onlinenewspapers.com - African newspapers
Web Wombat - Melbourne

Abstract: Links zu Zeitungen aus afrikanischen Ländern, bereitgestellt durch einen Dienst von Web Wombat, die älteste Suchmaschine Australiens. Die Liste ist natürlich nicht vollständig. (text/html)

Apabi China newspapers full-text database
Beijing Founder Apabi Technology Ltd. - Beijing

Abstract: The database gives access to a collection of national and regional Chinese newspapers from 2007 until now. Searches in full text, author, title, time range, picture captions etc., as well as online reading are avaible for the following selection of newspapers:< br /> 解放日报, 东方早报, 北京晨报, 中华合作时报, 中国文物报 starting with 2007; < br /> 人民日报, 每日新报, 都市快报, 武汉晨报, 三湘都市报, 南方都市报, 三峡都市报, 西海都市报, 兰州鑫报 starting with 12.2009.To read the latest edition of these newspapers you will often still have to go to the respective web page of the newspaper or to here. With a delay of a few days they will be available and searchable through the database.Since mid 2011 the Newspaper database has moved to a new platform. The old platform is still accessible here. Registered CrossAsia users who want to take advantage of the functions provided by the Apabi Reader should use the terminal server connection to China newspapers. Please note, that to do so Java runtime 1.5 is needed! Read the requirements. To read the newspapers the Citrix-server you get connected to will provide an Internet Explorer and the Apabi reader which is necessary to download and read the newspapers. A help files for both platforms are provided. (image/jpeg)

Recherche - Zeitungsarchive
Meiji University, Faculty of Arts and Letters Department of German Literature - Tokio

Abstract: (application/pdf)

Guide to African newspapers and newspapers on Africa
Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität - Frankfurt, Main

Abstract: Leitfaden zum Online-Zugang verschiedener afrikanischer Zeitungsarchive und -datenbanken, sowie einzelner afrikanischer Zeitungen. (image/jpeg)

Giornali Online
Ivrea -

Abstract: Zeitungsportal, das frei zugängliche italienische Tageszeitungen verlinkt. (text/html)