ZEFYS, the newspaper information system of the Berlin State Library, is a service for discovery of and access to historical newspapers from Germany and around the world.

The ZEFYS newspaper portal, where you can search for our retro-digitized newspapers and the digitized newspaper titles of the press corpus of the GDR (GDR press / "DDR-Presse"), is currently being rebuilt; you can find out more about the background on the SBB blog.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with basic functions again as of now. You can read newspaper issues, browse available newspapers, and also access the newspaper portal from StabiKat and ZDB again. A significant restriction still applies to the GDR press. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, this cannot be made available without a login barrier. Some authentication methods could not yet be technically re-implemented. We are working on restoring access to the GDR press to students and staff of academic institutions (Shibboleth) and via a valid library card of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

The provision of the holdings currently has top priority; the user interface does not yet correspond with our desired outcome and will be refined gradually. From now on, further development will take place in parallel with ongoing operations. Individual features and additional content will be rolled out gradually. An overview of the changes can be found in our changelog.

  • Authentication via science facility (Shibboleth) is now possible again
  • Authentication with SBB library card/account is now possible
  • Search: Added a chronological sorting
  • Search: Added the possibility of limiting to a period of time
  • The press corpus of the GDR and "Amtspresse Preußens" can be searched in full text
  • Full texts for the press corpus of the GDR are shown in DFG-Viewer
  • Calendar overviews of individual newspapers as well as the entire holdings are available
  • The further development of ZEFYS will continue in Q3 2021
  • Authentication via ORCID can be used for the GDR press
  • The user interface is available in English
  • Digitized newspaper titles of the press corpus of the GDR ("DDR-Presse") can be accessed again - via Google authentication
  • Scanned pages are now displayed in high resolution again
  • The isolated problems with the display of some newspaper pages in Safari browsers have been fixed
  • URLs for digitized newspapers from the old ZEFYS are redirected
  • Alphabetical list of digitized titles
  • Digitized title details pages with metadata and list of annual issue count
  • Show individual issues in DFG-Viewer
  • Incoming links in StabiKat and ZDB are now working again